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Join a fitness community that is passionate, determined, and supportive. Whether you’re here for a day or committed to years, we’ve got exactly what you need.


Student Memberships

€5 — Day Pass
€45 — Monthly
€110 — Trimester
€130 — 6 Months Pass
€160 — 12 Months Pass

Adult Memberships

€8 — Day Pass
€50 — Monthly
€130 — Trimester
€150 — 6 Months Pass
€190 — 12 Months Pass

Personal Training

€15 — Single Session
€120 — Monthly
€335 — Trimester
€625 — 6 Months Pass


Bring your partner, work out together and benefit from the Joint Memberships discount.

Your partner will immediately benefit of a discount up to 10% on their monthly, trimester, 6 or 12 Months Pass.

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    2. Collect your membership card from the front desk on your first visit.

Our Members


I’m a 28 year old physique athlete, I’ve been a member since 2013. I chose Activezone out of all the other gyms in Malta since it is a small and well equipped gym, its fully air-conditioned for those hot summer days, there's ample of parking space available just in front of the gym and most of all, since being a small gym, all members are just like one big family. Everyone is helpful to one another and if someone needs a spot while training its very easy to find a helping hand. Let’s not forget to mention the owner of the gym who's a certified personal trainer, Martin Farrugia Hardie, who's always willing to give you a hand and correct you whenever you are in an incorrect position whilst lifting. To conclude, I would highly recommend Activezone as an ideal gym for anyone who is willing to lose weight owing to various cardio machines or anyone who wishes to tone or building muscle as there's a vast variety of free weights/machines available at this gym.


Even though I am busy most of the time, but I always had that time to work my body out for 1/2 hours a day, I spend these hours at Activezone. The place where you can active your body, build your muscles and reach your goal, people over there will be always welcome to help you for any advice to make your body works right, join us and be a member of our group so you can get that fitted body that you always wanted. I do Activezone do you?


I’ve attended Martin’s fitness Centre for many years and love his work ethic and drive to keep the facilities brimming with activities. Thumbs up? Absolutely!


I’ve been a member for years now and wouldn’t change to another gym, if you’re looking to train in a friendly environment, with no parking problems, good opening hours and in a central location... there is no place like the Activezone. Martin Farrugia Hardie helps and talks to every member and his skill in personal training is vast along his assistant Anna. I always recommended the gym and always will.


Being overweight makes you feel very self conscious when you decide to get fit. At Activezone this is not the case. Martin is an excellent trainer. He pushes me to train harder and gives motivation. I'm still a work in progress but with martin’s dedication and some sacrifice on my part I have lost 23 kilos so far. So all I can say is thank you Martin and thank you Activezone.